Max Brady –
Solving problems with empathy, open-mindedness and grit.

I’m a Software Engineer proficient in Python, Flask, Linux, SQL and AWS. I strive to solve problems using as simple a solution as possible.



I'm passionate about what I do, and never do things half-heartedly.


I believe it's pointless to do something if you're not going to do it well.


I'm not afraid to ask the difficult questions and have the difficult conversations.


Technologist @ Strategio

Jan 2022 - Present
So far in my time at Strategio:

I took part in an eight week training program led by industry experts.
I worked
with AWS, SQL, Python, Ansible, and Gremlin.
And I collaborated with a small team to create a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, and AWS. My role was to write an Ansible playbook to create EC2 instance and deploy an application onto the EC2 instance. The purpose of the project was to gain real world DevOps experience.

Intern @ CommandLineLabs

Jan 2021 - Dec 2021
In my time at CommandLineLabs I
Wrote Ansible Playbooks, diagnosed and fixed networking issues, and wrote and maintained internal documentation.

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