Max Brady

Escape from the second best

Coco Chanel once said, "The best things in life are free, the second best are really really expensive." In the city, the focus is on the second best things. You rarely do the best things because your vision is clouded with the second best. Going for a walk in nature, cooking a drawn out meal for a friend, taking an afternoon nap just doesn't happen. You're constantly cramming in or feeling bad about missing out out on the second best things. You are overloaded with choices and it leaves you feeling like you can't just be. There's a pressure to justify your living in a city by doing more than just living. Living in a city you are everywhere except wheres you should be. In the present moment. Everyone's chasing an impossible dream. Ignoring the one their living. Everyone has expensive hobbies that are watered down versions of free things but with techno music and silly names. Everyone is running, to meetings, to work, away from their feelings, away from peace, away from the moment. You can leave this mental and concrete prison. You just have to give up on the shiny, sexy, second best things. Blog.